We are moving into the time of year that is typically known as the cold and flu season.  Spending more time indoors, holiday eating and drinking indulgences as well as a decrease in sunlight are some of the reasons for the increase in illness.

The importance of a having a healthy immune system is often neglected in the role of cold and flu prevention.  The conventional medical approach of “find the bug and kill the bug” with vaccines and seasonal flu shots is missing the important element of maintaining a healthy and robust immune system.  The Naturopathic medical model recognizes that the best strategy in the prevention and treatment of seasonal illness is to balance the immune defences to ensure that your body is able to effectively deal with any bugs that you may come across.

Cold and flu prevention begins with a foundation of basic healthy diet and lifestyle choices.  This includes consuming a whole food diet rich in proteins, whole grains, good fats and an abundance of fruits and vegetables.  Avoidance of processed and refined foods especially ones that are high in sugars will support the goal of optimal immune health.  Lifestyle choices like daily exercise that increase body temperature and induce sweating, sleep hygiene that promotes quality rest and stress management activities like deep breathing and yoga will all play a key role in immune system balance.

In addition there are many different vitamin, mineral, herbal and homeopathic formulas that have been shown to prevent and treat colds and flu.   To receive your individualized treatment plan visit one of the doctors at  Naturally Well clinic.